at dusk the sky had turned violet

Site-specific immersive installation
Basement - Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi — 2016

3:35 AM

She would leave soon she thought willfully; it was the way with her. She had moved constantly, wistfully imagining that she had finally found the place that felt like it was hers but each time she moved, it never felt right. There was always a void that people or places didn’t seem to be able to fill. In a sense, the search was so intense that after a certain time she got disoriented and forgot what she was looking for. The only constant feeling was that this was not where she wanted to be; she wanted to be somewhere but not here. There was a vulnerability of calling it her own; to mark something as hers, it is easier to move...

The MFA display was a series of six site-specific video, light and sound installations. They were shown at a parking lot, a mundane corporate setting which people usually don’t notice.

The medium chosen were all ephemeral as the concept reiterated the idea of being in a flux and of intangibility. Intrigued by the possibility of non linear time, the videos held within them a moment where time and place cannot be ascertained.

The window a motif seen in most of the works can be seen as both a bridge to reality as well as a barrier manifesting distance.

"towards Utopia"
3-channel video installation

Old window, spotlights, wall with the window was built with gypsum sheets

A window with a common design found in several houses in Old Delhi was installed in the basement.The light installation had multiple reflections from the window,almost like slices of time assembled together. By using an artificial light source there is a certain permanence that gets suggested in the installation. The transitory nature of the shadow gets challenged, where the source of light is not discernable.

Video installation

Outside the window there is constant sound

it gives a certain reprieve to be held in the noise

to think of the silence

that will resonate even louder

in the absence of sound

Video installation